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Trial Class/Drop-in Class

Individual Trial and Drop-in Classes are for Level 1 - 4 classes only.

Trial Classes are for ages 5 to 18

We offer trial classes during the months of June to January. During the months of February to May each season, trial classes are not available.


COST - $25.00 per hour.

No refunds & payment is non-transferable to accounts, tuition, or registrations once class has been taken.

Payment is required prior to taking class.

24 hours before class, submit waiver below to ensure availability & reserve your class placement.

5 and younger, please call to schedule an appointment to come view a class from our waiting area.

After submitting form below, please give our office time to confirm availability. We will email you and or call/text to the information below.

Let's Take a Class - Waiver!

Participant acknowledges physical condition is able to participate in classes at The North Augusta School of Dance. Participant agrees to monitor himself or herself throughout the class and will withdraw from class if Participant believes that continuing will present a risk of injury to Participant or to others. Participant fully and forever waives, releases, discharges and covenants not to sue The North Augusta School of Dance & teachers associated with The North Augusta School of Dance for and from any and all demands, claims, actions, suits, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses arising, directly or indirectly, in related to, in connection with or relating to participation in the class from any cause whatsoever. Participant agrees to take full responsibility and will participate at his/her own risk.
Please be aware The North Augusta School of Dance uses photography, video & other forms of media as advertising, sharing & social networking. We have the right to respectfully use any of this media.

The curriculum & choreography taught by our teachers, at events, performances or by guest artists is owned by the NASD. Our material may not be used, copied, taken or performed for any reason unless special permission is granted. Any material being shared in anyway is subject to infringement of copyright.

I understand I am registering for a single class at a cost of $25 per hour. Cost is non refundable or transferable.  Class cost must be paid for in full prior to taking class.

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