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Health & Safety

Covid Concerns & Policies
We follow CDC regulations for the State of South Carolina.
Click here to review the most current isolation and precautions.

Code of Conduct:

Students & parents must display respectful behavior, putting the needs of others first while in class. The NASD wants every person to be respectful, responsible and safe wherever they are.

A. Bullying is not tolerated – This is when someone tries to severely frighten or hurt another person. This can be done in person or over the internet.

B. Cyberbullying is not tolerated – This means when someone uses the internet to say unkind things about another person or its students directed at the NASD.

C. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated – This is when a person behaves in a way that makes it hard for other students to learn and hard for the teacher to teach. Engage in conduct that is disorderly or encourage others to do the same. Examples of this are running. Making a lot of loud noise within the building. Using words or actions that are disrespectful or mean. Doing something that can be physically dangerous to one’s own self or others.

D. Harassment is not tolerated – This means when someone bothers a person so much by using words or actions that are not respectful, that the person being harassed has trouble learning or becomes unhappy or hurt.

E. NASD Property is to be respected – This includes any part of the school building or its parking lot. This also includes event locations we perform at or convention classes we attend where the NASD or our teachers and fellow teammates are being represented.

F. Violent Students will not be tolerated - This means a dancer who hurts or tries to hurt another dancer, a dancer who has any kind of weapon or threatens to use a weapon on NASD property, or a dancer who damages school property or the personal property of another dancer, NASD worker, or visitor on NASD property.

G. Weapons are not allowed on NASD property -This means a tool that is used to hurt another person or dancer.


Our Code of Conduct includes parents, guardians, dancers and anyone in your circle. In the event a situation arises with the NASD, all communication will be handled in private and done respectfully involving the School director. Anyone showing disrespect or a non-supportive spirit will be removed immediately from the Property and subject to your account being permanently closed. Your teachers are serious about providing the best atmosphere possible. Disrespect to the policies and procedures in place will not be tolerated.


If I have a grievance, concern, issue or complaint for any reason, with the NASD or someone on the team, we ask you wait 24 hours before contacting NASD to collect your thoughts and composure. If in 24 hours you feel like your issues are still valid, you agree to direct issues to the school director and will do so in a respectful disposition.

Students should not come to a weekly class if they are showing signs of illness, such as fever (100.5 degrees or above), diarrhea, stomachache, nausea, constant coughing, sore throat, or a headache the previous night. Children should be fever and pain free for 24 hours before returning to class.

Wellness must be maintained without the aid of fever reducing medication. For COVID-19 related questions, we follow CDC guidelines & anyone on the property is subject to temperature checks and sanitizing procedures.

For a missed class, we will sometimes email a complimentary class to the email on file. The link will be available for a weeks time for you to watch. In addition, students that wish to makeup the class missed, please ask the desk for a schedule or pop into a class later that week to make-up in person.

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