Performance Team Audition Information


2023 Auditions - Saturday To Be Announced!


11:00 to 12:00 for Ages 5 to 8


12:30 to 1:30 for Ages 9 to 11


2:00 - 3:00 for Ages 12 to 19

Current Members:

Current Team members are required to audition. You also have the exclusive option to re-sign Performance Team Contract for the new year prior to Recital.

$50 Registration Fee credited to your account when you sign up early. 



Dance clothing only. It is your choice on what outfit you wear, however keep in mind it must be a tight fitting outfit such as a leotard or athletic leggings and sports top.  Loose or baggy clothing will not be allowed. Hair up secured tightly to the head and out of face.

Things I MUST Bring:

*Bring snacks, water & all dance shoes.

*You must bring an 8 x 10 Headshot. On the back please write: Name, age, birth date, address, years you have danced & Parent/Guardian contact information with an email address.

*A parent/guardian must be with you. Prior to the Audition, contracts with mandatory dates, pricing and requirements will be issued & reviewed. All questions can be answered during this time.


Results and placement will be posted and emailed out by the end of the weekend. Results and or placement decisions are final and the decision of the NASD Judges. Judges have the right to consider anyone auditioning that has been a team member in years past, students behavior, work ethic and all other information we feel is necessary to have the most successful team possible for the 2022 - 2023 Year. Any performer with an outstanding balance from a past season will not be allowed to audition.

Additional Audition Information:

Upon arriving you will need to sign in at the front counter. A number will be issued to you and you must wear this # the entire time.

Please make sure you have arrived a few minutes early to use the restroom and prepare.

If you leave the audition you will not be allowed back in until the audition has ended.

Once the audition begins, anyone running late will not be allowed into the classroom.

Parents are not allowed into the classroom for auditions.

Once the audition begins, Judges will go through a series of combinations, stretches, across the floor steps and or combinations.

If this is new to you, please do the best you can and treat it as if you are in a class, smile and have fun. If you do not have dance shoes, please dance barefoot.

*A parent/guardian must be present for this process. Before starting the audition, contracts with mandatory dates, pricing and requirements will be issued and reviewed.

All questions can be answered during this time.

**Judges may ask your child to stay for the next audition so come prepared to stay.

If you are unable to make this above audition date, please call our office and set up an in-person private audition. Private audition must be done prior to April 30th to be considered.