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The North Augusta School of Dance requires a registration form on file for each student to participate in any class. For families with multiple students, a registration form is needed for each student.

When registering multiple dancers, please use the same email address to create 1 account.


Class Registration - There is a $50.00 annual family/household registration fee, which remains the same regardless the number of immediate family members enrolled in classes. When registering you will be charged the $50 non-refundable Registration Fee along with first month’s tuition.

**If registering more than one student, fill out entire Registration & Waiver form below for each student,

INCLUDING CREDIT CARD INFO. You will only be charged one Family Registration fee of $50.


The North Augusta School of Dance uses photography, video & other forms of media for advertising, sharing & social networking & has the right to respectfully use any of this media.

The curriculum & choreography taught by our teachers, at events, performances or by guest artists is owned by the NASD. Our material may not be used, copied, taken or performed for any reason unless special permission is granted.

Any material being shared in anyway is subject to infringement of copyright.

Registration & Waiver Form  

Please allow up to 24 hours for a confirmation email with payment details.
Our office will reach out to you with questions or missing information!
*Registrations may be held over non-working weekends & holidays when our office is closed till the next business day.

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