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NASD & All Account Policies

  • We require a registration/waiver on file for any person under the age of 18 to participate on the NASD property. This includes all accounts such as Mayfield Dance, Camps, Holiday Events or NASD Student accounts.

  • Month to Month NASD Students: $50.00 annual family/household registration fee. This yearly fee remains the same regardless the number of immediate family members enrolled in classes. When registering you will be charged the $50 non-refundable Registration Fee along with first month’s tuition if registering online.

  • Stop class or close account -  for any reason, a 30-day notice in writing is required. Accounts are month to month and once a month begins, no refunds or credits given for any account. Performance Team students must refer to Team contract. Closing your account releases your placement in the registered class and any discounts and grandfathered pricing is canceled.

  • By submitting a registration form - You have read in full, agree and understand all school policies & procedures found in details here on this website.

  • Class Participation: Each person is expected to be completely & correctly dressed with needed items before each class. Students not dressed with appropriate shoes and or attire will be asked watch class only at the teachers discernment.

  • Restroom facilities should be used before & after classes ONLY (unless it’s an emergency.) Young ones must be accompanied by a teacher or an adult, this includes changing for class.

  • Food & drink is allowed in the lobby area only however you must clean up after yourself and be aware for small children with allergies.

  • No gum, candy is permitted during class. Healthy snacks are permitted during breaks for dancers with multiple classes. If someone needs a snack, they should do so with the teachers permission or at a time where it is not a distraction to class in session.

  • Discipline in class is strictly enforced. Running, playing, excessive talking, disruptive, disrespect to other class members, faculty, parents or staff and disobedience of any kind is not allowed under any circumstance. Dancers will be asked to leave immediately and cannot return until they agree to be respectful. Students who continue to have an issue after returning to class will be asked to permanently leave all classes enrolled.

  • The North Augusta School of Dance is not responsible for items left behind, stolen or lost.

  • No cell phones or electronic devices are allowed in class & must be silenced or turned off inside the building at all times. If a phone is seen in a class, Teachers or staff have the right to take it and it can be retrieved at the end of class from behind the counter.

  • We encourage you to be a part of your child’s dance education by observing them in class. Our studio lobby is only for quietly waiting & observing the classes in session. Cell phones & all electronic devices must be turned off or silenced. AVOID waving, tapping on the glass or engaging in disruptive behavior such as climbing onto the windows. This is a distraction to your child’s learning experience inside the classroom.

  • Talking & electronic devices must be kept at a whisper. Step outside to engage in personal conversations. Remember if you can hear yourself, we can hear you too!

  • We are not responsible for children in the lobby! Siblings & dancers waiting on their class must be respectful by sitting quietly. Disruptive behavior & playing of any kind in the lobby is prohibited. Parents be responsible of your children & you will be asked to leave if being disruptive.

  • Monthly payments are due the 1st of each month. A valid card is required for each account at all times.

  • We accept cash, credit card and debit card payments only.

  • We require a debit/credit card on file for each account. You may choose to pay by cash, card or check, however if account is not paid by the 1st of each month, card on file will be charged.

  • After the 15th of each month a late fee of up to $35.00 will be added to your bill.

  • A $45.00 late fee will be charged for any returned checks.

  • We will only make 3 attempts to charge a card on file in the case it is declined. After the 3rd attempt you are responsible for paying your bill & will be notified by email.

  • We communicate through email ONLY. Account activity, bills & receipts are setup under a valid email address. It is your responsibility to read & keep this info up to date.

  • Class Absences – If you are absent for any reason, we at times record class and email you the class link. Link is active for one week only. Class is emailed to the account email we have on file.

  • For upcoming performances, class edited music will be placed on our music page for students to practice at home.

  • NASD Class Sessions - Our fall season is August to May. Our summer season is June and July.

  • SICK Policy - Students who have been ill must be fever free and or no symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to class. Wellness must be maintained without the aid of fever reducing medication. For COVID-19 related questions, we follow CDC guidelines & anyone on the property is subject to temperature checks and sanitizing procedures.

  • HOLIDAYS CLOSED - Labor Day. Memorial Day. July 4th. 1 week for Thanksgiving. 1 Week for Christmas. 1 Week for New Years. 1 Week Spring Break. NASD Class Monthly tuition is prorated based on the calendar year and how many classes there are in a season vs per month. Monthly tuition is allocated for some months with 5 classes to compensate for the weeks we are closed for holidays. For classes that fall on a holiday where we are closed one day out of the week, we will sometimes email a complimentary class to the email on file. The link will be available for a weeks time for you to watch. In addition, students that wish to makeup the class missed, please ask the desk for a schedule or pop into a class later that week to make-up in person.

Code of Conduct:

Students & parents must display respectful behavior, putting the needs of others first.

We require every person to be respectful, responsible and choose safety wherever they are on our property.

We are a POSITIVE environment, equal for all and demand all persons give the same respect in return.

We take pride in honesty and trust with how we instruct. Building mental toughness, correct and proper training all in a proactive and positive way comes first.

A. Bullying is not tolerated – This is when someone tries to severely frighten or hurt another person. This can be done in person or over the internet.

B. Cyberbullying is not tolerated – This means when someone uses the internet to say unkind things about another person or its students directed at the NASD.

C. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated – This is when a person behaves in a way that makes it hard for other students to learn and hard for the teacher to teach. Engage in conduct that is disorderly or encourage others to do the same. Examples of this are running. Making a lot of loud noise within the building. Using words or actions that are disrespectful or mean. Doing something that can be physically dangerous to one’s own self or others.

D. Harassment is not tolerated – This means when someone bothers a person so much by using words or actions that are not respectful, that the person being harassed has trouble learning or becomes unhappy or hurt.

E. NASD Property is to be respected – This includes any part of the school building or its parking lot. This also includes event locations we perform at or convention classes we attend where the NASD or our teachers and fellow teammates are being represented.

F. Violent Students will not be tolerated - This means a dancer who hurts or tries to hurt another dancer, a dancer who has any kind of weapon or threatens to use a weapon on NASD property, or a dancer who damages school property or the personal property of another dancer, NASD worker, or visitor on NASD property.

G. Weapons are not allowed on NASD property -This means a tool that is used to hurt another person or dancer.


Our Code of Conduct includes parents, guardians, dancers and anyone in your circle. In the event a situation arises with the NASD, all communication will be handled in private and done respectfully. Anyone showing disrespect or a non-supportive spirit will be removed immediately from the Property and subject to your account being permanently closed. Your teachers are serious about providing the best atmosphere possible. Disrespect to the policies and procedures in place will not be tolerated.


If I have a grievance, concern, issue or complaint for any reason, with the NASD or someone on the team, we ask you wait 24 hours before contacting NASD to collect your thoughts and composure. If in 24 hours you feel like your issues are still valid, you agree to direct issues to the school director and will do so in a respectful disposition.


Responsibility as a NASD Student:

Respect other students and their belongings.

Put in my very best in class each week.

Know and follow all the rules.

Try my hardest and be selfless in doing so.

Ask when I have a question.

Talk to an adult when you think something is wrong.

Wear appropriate dance attire to each class and or rehearsals.

Have hair up out of face and appropriately placed for each class.

Have correct shoes for each class and rehearsal.

Be responsible for my actions.

Stay quiet in the lobby and set a good example for others.

The North Augusta School of Dance uses photography, video & other forms of media as advertising, sharing & social networking & has the right to respectfully use any of this media.

The curriculum & choreography taught by our teachers, at events, performances or by guest artists is owned by the NASD. Our material may not be used, copied, taken or performed for any reason unless special permission is granted.

Students acknowledge when registered their physical condition is agreeable to participate in classes at The North Augusta School of Dance.  Participant agrees to monitor himself or herself throughout the class and will withdraw from class if Participant believes that continuing will present a risk of injury to Participant or to others. Participant fully and forever waives, releases, discharges and covenants not to sue The North Augusta School of Dance for and from any and all demands, claims, actions, suits, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses arising, directly or indirectly, in related to, in connection with or relating to participation in the class from any cause whatsoever.  Participant agrees to take full responsibility and will participate at his/her own risk.

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