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End of The Year Recitals
May 9th & 10th
, 2025

Theater Location
Maxwell Theater, on the Augusta University Summerville Campus
2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30904

Doors open 30 Minutes before Showtime for performers & audience members.

Virtual Programs
Coming Soon

Live Stream Link:


2025 Link Coming Soon

This same link will work for all of our shows

The live stream will begin 15 mins before the show.

Refresh your browser if you don’t see the stream start.

Recital ARMBAND Colors

Coming Soon

Show Reminders

Doors will open 30 minutes before each show for performers & audience members.

Video and photography is allowed - NO FLASH Photography.

Please place performers name on all costumes, shoes and items backstage.

Performers with multiple costumes, please come dressed in your first costume.

A parent or helper is recommended to stay backstage to help if the performer if they will need help changing.

If someone plans on helping backstage, you are required to have a background check and must plan to stay backstage the entire show and watch from the side of the stage as you will not be able to walk around to the audience. Backstage Compliance Info: CLICK HERE

Hair for girls should be in a slicked back bun in the center of the head, boys please gel hair back out of the face. Younger dancers are not required to wear stage makeup however heavy lighting is used and each parent should do what they feel comfortable.

Performance Drop-off & Pick-up Info

Please be patient with pick up and drop off as performers must be dropped off and picked up at designated entrance and can take a few minutes to ensure safety.

The day of your show, doors open 30 minutes before the show begins for both audience members & performers.

Performers arrive dressed with only the correct shoes needed for the performance.

No snacks, waters, dance bags or extras.

Make sure little ones have used the restroom prior to checking in backstage.

Disposable bottle waters are available backstage.

When you check in your dancer backstage you will be given 1 designated wristband that you will need to keep in order to pick up your child at the end of the show.

Only 1 parent/guardian with the pick-up wristband will be allowed backstage AFTER the show to gather your performer.


JR Combo Dancers perform in 2 dances during the show. Please place dance shoes in a zip lock bag with name written on the outside for them to change shoes backstage.

Dressing- Rooms & Costume Changes: If your Performer has costume changes, we review with you the backstage process along with all details during dress rehearsal. Blocked off changing areas/dressing rooms are designated just for these changes to take place. Each performer is assigned a designated area based on changes and on the show's order.  Each Parent/guardian must decide if they personally wish to stay backstage with their performer to assist in these costume changes or if they wish a teacher help in this process. If a parent/guardian/sibling/personal friend wishes to stay backstage to assist the performer with costume changes they must stay and watch from backstage with your performer the entire show, be over the age of 18 and MUST provide us with a full background check including this info:

  • A state and federal criminal history check covering a minimum of seven (7) years

  • A nationwide sex offender search

  • A social security number check

*Background checks must be valid and dated this year - 2024 and you can find more info on this here:

We will accept background checks when recital packets are available 2 weeks before the show.


Each family account will receive 6 armbands for each show your performer participates in.

*An armband is required for anyone occupying a seat in the audience, regardless of age. Armbands ensure adequate seating.

*Additional Armbands: Ask our office for availability. If available, Must pick up in-person, at the theater the week of May 5th - based on availability. Additional armband sales will be added to the many donations we receive or groups we work with each year to assist families in need. NO ARMBAND purchases or requests the day of the shows.

Additional Info

  • Rehearsal for recitals - The week of May 6 to 9, at the Maxwell Theater, in costume, the day & time of your normal class.

  • Packets are held for each family till picked up and will be available a few weeks prior to the show.

  • Practice Class Music - HERE

Video courtesy of
John Antaki

Last week of Classes & Awards for ALL Students

even if you are not participating in Recital is

May 12 - 15, 2025

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