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Registration is CLOSED for the 2022 - 2023 school year with classes ending in May of 2023.

Registration for Summer 2023 Classes & for the 2023 - 2024 School Season
will open again this April. Please submit your email below if you wish to be contacted.
Financial Assistance & Scholarship Opportunities through
The North Augusta Cultural Arts Council & The Kevin & Britney Kisner Foundation - Click Here

For families with more than one student enrolled, prices are based on total hours per family. 

Yearly Family Registration Fee  - $50

There is a $50 annual family/household registration fee, regardless the number of immediate family members enrolled.

The North Augusta School of Dance requires a registration form on file for each student to participate in any class. For families with multiple students, a registration form is needed for each student.


Trial Class/Drop-in Class - CLICK here 24 hours before class to ensure availability & reserve your class placement. 


Monthly Tuition Pricing for Registered Students

30 Minutes Per Week - $47.00 Monthly Tuition              
1 Hour Per Week - $65.00 Monthly Tuition                   

1.5 Hours Per Week  - $92.00 Monthly Tuition             
2 Hours Per Week - $120.00 Monthly Tuition                       
2.5 Hours Per Week - $135.00 Monthly Tuition         
3 Hours Per Week  - $150.00 Monthly Tuition                       
3.5 Hours Per Week - $165.00 Monthly Tuition            
4 Hours Per Week - $180.00 Monthly Tuition                 
4.5 Hours Per Week - $190.00 Monthly Tuition    
5 Hours Per Week - $200.00 Monthly Tuition         
5.5 Hours Per Week - $207.00 Monthly Tuition

6 Hours Per Week - $222.00 Monthly Tuition

7 Hours Per Week - $237.00 Monthly Tuition

8 Hours Per Week - $252.00 Monthly Tuition

9 Hours Per Week - $267.00 Monthly Tuition

Private Lesson *Call For Pricing

Music Editing Fee - $40.00

Rental of Facility *Call For Pricing

To Freeze Account To Hold Class Placement - $10 Per Month

Monthly Tuition Late Fee - $25.00

Studio Performance Tshirt - $22.00

Red Performance Hair Bow - $10.00

No Updated/Active Card on File Fee - $10.00 Per Month

To Cancel a Class or Close an Account - No Charge.

Placement in a class will not be held. Any credits, grandfathered pricing or account information will be removed from our system.

Holiday closings & other school policies can be found here. 

Performance Fee for Spring Recital.

This fee is a non-refundable fee that is a package price and includes everything needed for the spring performance.

 Includes & Covers:

One costume, complete with any alterations, accessories, hair pieces, auditorium rental, practice, props, additional charges for cleaning, security and facility regulations for event.

(Costumes are properly lined and fitted to each child however proper and age appropriate undergarments & if needed class shoes are the dancers responsibility)

WE DO NOT SELL TICKETS – Each family receives 6 armbands to each show– Parents are free to swap armbands and exchange as they wish between shows. This system ensures we keep adequate seating for everyone participating.  


Performance Fee - $155.00

*For dancers in multiple classes or families with multiple dancers, each additional class will have a costume. 

Each additional class costume - $85.00



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